You can search Bangla-Tangla's dictionary along with Samsad's Bengali-English Dictionary and Bangla Abhidhan using this mobile-friendly search page:

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This dictionary system has some unique features:

Samsad Dictionaries

The excellent Samsad dictionaries are hosted by Digital Dictionaries of South Asia (DDSA) (see the links Biswas-Bengali and Biswas-Bangala). Bangla-Tangla provides an improved search system for them. In addition to the features mentioned above, you can search for words that are extensions of the main entry (e.g., বিধানসভা), which the DDSA search system does not do.

If you find the Samsad dictionaries useful online, please support Samsad and buy a hardcopy at your local bookstore. The online version at UChicago has a lot of missing and garbled entries so you'll need to look those up the old-fashioned way.

Smart Bangla Dictionary app for Android

The Bangla-Tangla dictionary is also available as an Android app.