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আমmango আমসত্ত্বmango juice that has been dried into a chewy block তোপসেmango fish: a type of small fish with golden fins ল্যাংড়া – a type of mango with green or greenish-white skin and a slightly sour taste with a hint of pineapple হিমসাগর – a type of mango that is very sweet and smells lightly of carrots
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
আচার1 [ ācāra1 ] n sauce; pickle. আমের আচার pick led slices of mango, mango pickles or preserves. আম4 [ āma4 ] n the mango. ~আদা n. the mango ginger, a variety of ginger smelling like the mango. ~চুর, ~শি n. dried slices of green mango preserved in salt or in salt and mustard. মুখ শুকিয়ে আমশি হওয়া to look haggard, to have a shrivelled look, to have an emaciated and wizened face. ~সত্ত্ব n. a thin cake made of the sweet juice of ripe mango by drying it in the sun (used as food), preserved essence of ripe mango. ~হলুদ same as আম-আদা । বর্ণচোরা আম a variety of mango that looks green and should be sour but is actually ripe and sweet; (fig.) a person concealing his or her merits. আম্র [ āmra ] n (for. High.) the mango. ~কানন, ~কুঞ্জ, ~বন n. a mango-grove. চূত [ cūta ] n (for.) the mango tree; the mango. ~মঞ্জরি n. mango-bud. ফজলি [ phajali ] n the largest species or variety of mango (grown in Malda). বাগান [ bāgāna ] n a garden; a pleasure-ground; a grove. আমবাগান n. a mango-grove. কলাবাগান n. a clump of plantain trees. নারকেল বাগান n. a cocount-grove. ফলবাগান n. an orchard. ফুলবাগান n. a flower garden, a flower-bed. সবজিবাগান n. a kitchen garden. বাগান করা v. to garden. বাগানে কাজ করা v. to garden. বাগানের কাজ gardening. মাঙ্গলিক, মাঙ্গল্য [ māṅgalika, māṅgalya ] n scripturally auspicious things such as mango-twigs, sandal etc.. well-being, weal, welfare. ☐ a. suspicious, propitious. মাঙ্গলিক দ্রব্য same as মাঙ্গলিক (n). ল্যাংড়া1 [ lyāṇṛā1 ] n an excellent species of mango. সহকার [ sahakāra ] n the mango tree; a mango twig; সহকার-শাখা n. a mango twig; a bough of mango tree. হিম [ hima ] n winter; snow; frost; dew; coldness, the cold; chill. ☐ a. cold; cool. হিম পড়ছে v. dew is collecting. ~ঋতু n. winter, (cp.) cold weather. ~গিরি n. the Himalayas. ~ঘর n. a cold store; cold storage. ~ঝঞ্ঝা n. a hail-storm; a blizzard. ~নিবারণ করা v. to ward off or prevent cold. ~বাহ n. a glacier. ~মন্ডল n. (geog.) either of the frigid zones, a frigid zone. ~মিশ্র n. freezing mixture. ~রেখা n. the snow-line. ~শিলা n. hail stone; an iceberg. ~শীতল a. frigid; icy; ice-cold. ~শৈল n. an iceberg. ~সংহনন n. glaciation. ~সাগর n. a superior quality of mango; a kind of brain cooling medicinal oil. হিমাংশু n. the moon. হিমাগম n. advent of the cold season or of winter. হিমাঙ্ক n. freezing point. হিমাঙ্গ n. a body bereft of blood-heat (that is, in a state of collapse); a frozen body; a lifeless body. ☐ a. having any one of the aforesaid bodies. হিমাচল, হিমাদ্রি n. the Himalayas. হিমানি n. a collection or mass of snow or hoarfrost; snow-ice; (loos.) ice. হিমায়ক n. a refrigerator. হিমায়ন n. refrigeration. হিমায়িত a. refrigerated. হিমায়িত করা v. to refrigerate. হিমালয় n. the Himalayas. হিমেল a. cold; very cold.

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