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হত্যাকারী – killer
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আত্ম [ ātma ] a own; belonging to or related to one's own self. আত্ম pfx. self-, by or of one's own self, mutual etc. ~কলহ n. internal discord or dissension; domes tic discord; civil strife. ~কৃত a. done or performed by one's own self. ~কেন্দ্রিক a. self-centred; one who thinks only about himself. ~গত a. kept to one's own self; aside; absorbed in one's own self, self-possessed. ~গরজি a. preoccupied with self-interest; self-interested. ~গরিমা same as আত্মগর্ব । ~গরুজে dial. corrup. of আত্মগরজি । ~গর্ব n. self-conceit, vanity. ~গর্বী a. self-conceited, bloated or puffed up with pride. ~গোপন n. concealment or disguise of one's own self or identity. ~গোপন করা v. to go into hiding, to hide, to conceal one's own identity. ~গৌরব n. self-glorification; self-conceit; self-praise. ~গ্লানি n. self-reproach; remorse. ~ঘাত n. suicide. ~ঘাতী a. one who kills himself, self-killing, suicidal. fem. ~ঘাতিনী । ~চিন্তা n. meditation about atman or God; spiritual meditation; thinking about one's own interest or welfare. ~চেতনা n. self-consciousness. ~ n. a son fem. আত্মজা a daughter. ~জীবনী n. an autobiography. ~জ্ঞ a. possessing self knowledge; possessing spiritual or metaphysical knowledge or wisdom. ~জ্ঞান n. spiritual or metaphysical knowledge or wisdom. ~জ্ঞানী a. in possession of spiritual or metaphysical knowledge ☐ n. a spiritualist; a meta physician. ~তত্ত্ব n. spiritual or metaphysical knowledge. ~তত্ত্বজ্ঞ a. in possession of spiritual or metaphysical knowledge. ~তুষ্ট, ~তৃপ্ত a. self-complacent. ~তুষ্টি, ~তৃপ্তি n. self-complacency, self-content. ~তুল্য a. like one's own self, self-like. fem. ~তুল্যা । ~ত্যাগ n. self-abnegation, self-denial; self-sacrifice. ~ত্যাগী a. self-denying; self-sacrificing. ~ত্রাণ n. rescue or salvation of one's own self. ~দমন n. self-restraint, self-control. ~দর্শন n. self-examination, introspection; self-realization. ~দর্শিতা n. practice or capacity of self-examination or introspection or self-realization. ~দর্শী a. self-examining, introspecting; self-realizing. ~দান n. self-sacrifice. ~দোষ n. one's own fault. ~দোষক্ষালন n. act of clearing oneself of a charge; act of justifying one's own conduct; clean up of one's own self. ~দ্রোহ n. self-torment, self-torture; internal discord. ~দ্রোহী a. self-tormenting, self-torturing; indulging in or involved in internal strife. ☐ n. a self-tormentor, a self-torturer; one who indulges in or is involved in internal strife. fem. ~দ্রোহিণী । ~নিগ্রহ n. self-torture, self-repression, self-inflicted pain; masochism. ~নিন্দা n. self-condemnation, self-accusation. ~নিবিষ্ট a. self-absorbed, egocentric, self-centred, wrapped up in oneself. ~নিবেদন n. offering one's own self, self dedication; self-sacrifice. ~নিয়ন্ত্রণ n. self-control; self-government, self-discipline. ~নিয়োগ n. engaging one's own self; self-appointment. ~নির্ধারণ n. self determination. ~নির্ভর n. self-help; self reliance. ☐ a. working for oneself, in dependent of external aid, self-reliant, self-supporting. ~নির্ভরশীল a. self-reliant. ~নিষ্ঠ a. devoted to God or atman; devout; self-devoted; subjective; introspective. ~নিষ্ঠা n. devotion to God or atman; devoutness; self-devotion; subjectivity; introspection. ~নেপদ n. (Sans. gr.) a mode of conjugating verbs. ~নেপদী a. of or in or according to this mode. ~পক্ষ n. one's own side or party or team or supporters or people etc. ~পক্ষসমর্থন n. self-defence. ~পক্ষ সমর্থন করা v. to defend oneself. ~পর n. oneself and others; near and far ones; friend and foe. ☐ a. selfish, self-devoted. ~পরতা n. selfishness; self-love, self-devotion. ~পরায়ণ a. (phil.) devoted to God or atman; devout; selfish, self-devoted. ~পরিচয় n. introduction of one's own self. আত্মপরিচয় গোপন করা v. to conceal one's own identity. আত্মপরিচয় দেওয়া v. to introduce oneself. ~পরীক্ষা n. self examination, self-scrutiny; introspection. ~পীড়ন n. self-torture. ~প্রকাশ n. public appearance; self-revelation; self-assertion. ~প্রচার n. self-advertisement. ~প্রতারণা n. self-deception. ~প্রত্যয় n. self-confidence; (rare) conviction. ~প্রত্যয়শীল a. self-confident, self-assured. ~প্রবঞ্চনা same as আত্মপ্রতারণা । ~প্রশংসা n. self-praise. আত্মপ্রশংসা করা v. to praise one's own self, to blow one's own trumpet. ~প্রসাদ n. self-satisfaction, self-complacency. ~বঞ্চনা n. self deception. ~বৎ adv. like one's own self. ☐ a. self-like. ~বলি, ~বলিদান n. self-immolation, self-sacrifice. আত্মবলি দেওয়া v. to sacrifice oneself. ~বশ a. in dependent; self-directed; self-re strained; (rare) self-devoted. n. self-restraint. ~বিকাশ n. manifestation or development of one's own self. ~বিক্রয় n. undesirable and servile submission to somebody or something for some gain; selling out oneself; selling one's soul. ~বিগ্রহ, ~বিচ্ছেদ n. internal discord; civil strife; domestic quarrel. ~বিৎ, ~বিদ same as ~আত্মজ্ঞ । ~বিদ্যা n. knowledge about God and atman; theology; spiritual knowledge. ~বিনাশ same as আত্মবিলোপ । ~বিরোধ n. self-contradiction; self-repugnance; internal discord; civil strife; domestic quarrel. ~বিরোধী a. self-contradictory; self-repugnant; given to or involved in internal discord or civil strife or domestic quarrel. ~বিলোপ n. self-effacement. ~বিশ্বাস n. self-confidence. ~বিশ্বাসী a. self-confident. ~বিসর্জন n. self-sacrifice, self-abnegation, self-denial. ~বিস্মরণ, ~বিস্মৃতি n. self-forgetfulness, self-oblivion; absent-mindedness. ~বিস্মৃত . a. self-oblivious; absent-minded. ~বিস্মৃত হওয়া v. to forget oneself. ~বুদ্ধি n. one's own thinking power or intellect or knowledge; knowledge about one's own self consciousness. ~বেদী same as আত্মজ্ঞ । ~বোধ n. knowledge about one's own self, self-consciousness; self-realization. ~মগ্ন a. self-absorbed. ~মগ্ন সংলাপ n. soliloquy. ~মর্যাদা n. self-respect, self-esteem. ~মর্যাদাজ্ঞান, ~মর্যাদাবোধ n. sense of self-respect or self-esteem. ~মর্যাদাপূর্ণ, ~মর্যাদাশালী a. full of self-respect or self-esteem. ~মর্যাদাশূন্য, ~মর্যাদাহীন a. devoid of self-respect or self-esteem. আত্মম্ভরি a. overwhelmingly self-interested, selfish; self-conceited, egotistical, vain. আত্মম্ভরিতা n. extreme self-interest, selfishness; self-conceit edness, vanity. ~রক্ষা n. self-protection, self-preservation; self-defence. আত্মরক্ষা করা v. to protect or preserve oneself; to defend oneself. ~রতি n. auto-erotism, sexual excitement generated by one's own body. ~রূপ n. selfhood. ☐ adv. like one's own self. ~লোপ n. same as আত্মবিলোপ । ~শক্তি n. one's own power; power of the spirit. ~শাসন n. self-government; self-control, self-discipline. ~শাসিত a. self-governed; self-governing. ~শিক্ষিত a. self-taught, self-educated. ~শুদ্ধি, ~শোধন n. self-purification. ~শ্লাঘা n. self-praise, boasting, self applause. ~শ্লাঘাপরায়ণ a. given to self praise or boasting, boastful. ~শ্লাঘাপূর্ণ a. boastful. ~সংবরণ n. checking oneself, self-restraint. আত্মসংবরণ করা v. to check or restrain oneself. ~সংযম n. continence; self-restraint, collectedness. ~সংযমী a. self-continent; self-re strained. ~সংশোধন n. self-correction. আত্মসংশোধন করা v. to rectify oneself. ~সমর্থন n. self-defence. আত্মসমর্থন করা v. to defend oneself or plead for oneself. ~সমর্পণ n. surrender; capitulation, self dedication. আত্মসমর্পণ করা v. to surrender, to yield or give up oneself; to capitulate; to dedicate oneself. ~সমাহিত a. self-absorbed. ~সমীক্ষা n. self-assessment. ~সম্পর্কীয়, ~সম্বন্ধীয় a. related to or connected with one's own self. ~সম্ভ্রম, ~সম্মান n. self-respect, self-esteem. ~সর্বস্ব a. extremely self-centred or self loving or selfish. ~সাৎ n. appropriating to one's own use (usu. unlawfully); misappropriation; filching. ☐ a. appropriated to one's own use; misappropriated; filched. আত্মসাৎ করা v. to appropriate to one's own use; to misappropriate; to filch. ~সার a. self-centred; extremely selfish. ~সিদ্ধি n. attainment of one's own desires; salvation of one's own soul. ~সুখ n. one's own happiness. সুখপরায়ণ, ~সুখী a. happy only to attain one's own desires; extremely selfish. আত্মসুখী পরবৈরাগি highly concerned about one's own interest whilst apathetic to that of others. ~স্থ a. self-possessed; absorbed; self-absorbed. ~হত্যা n. self-killing, suicide. আত্মহত্যা করা v. to commit suicide. হত্যাকারী, ~হন্তা a. killing oneself, committing suicide. ☐ n. a self-murderer. fem. হত্যাকারিণী, ~হন্ত্রী । ~হনন n. same as আত্মহত্যা । ~হারা a. one who has lost self-possession, beside oneself. আত্মহারা হওয়া v. to lose self-possession; to be beside oneself. ~হিত n. one's own good or welfare. হত্যা [ hatyā ] n killing, slaughter; massacre; murder; persistent squatting at the temple of a deity for obtaining divine favour. হত্যা করা v. to kill, to slay; to massacre (lit. & fig.); to murder. হত্যা দেওয়া v. to squat at the temple of a deity for obtaining divine favour; (fig.) to solicit doggedly. ~কাণ্ড n. an instance of homicide; carnage; killing; a massacre; murder. ~কারী n. a homicide; a murderer; a slayer, a killer. fem. ~কারিণী n. murderess. হত্যাপরাধ n. the offence of homicide or murder; culpable homicide amounting to murder. হত্যাপরাধী a. guilty of homicide or murder. ☐ n. a homicide; a murderer (fem. a murderess). fem. হত্যাপরাধিনী ।
Samsad Bangla Abhidhan
হত্যা [ hatyā ] বি. 1 প্রাণনাশ, বধ (জীবহত্যা করা); 2 (বাং.) অভীষ্টসিদ্ধির জন্য আমৃত্যু দেবতার নিকট ধরনা (মন্দিরে হত্যা দিয়ে পড়ে থাকা)। [সং. √ হন্ + ক্যপ্ + আ]। ~কাণ্ড বি. খুনোখুনি; খুনের ঘটনা। ~কারী (-রিন্) বিণ. খুনি। ~প-রাধ বি. খুন করার অপরাধ।

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