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সুবিধাবাদী – opportunist, opportunistic
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
সুবিধা [ subidhā ] n an excellent or favourable or advantageous means or circumstance; an advantage; an opportunity; convenience. সুবিধা নেওয়া v. to avail oneself of an opportunity or advantage; to take advantage of, ~জনক a. advantageous; opportune; convenient. ~প্রাপ্ত a. placed in an advantageous position; put to an advantage; having got an opportunity. ~বাদ n. opportunism. ~বাদী n. an opportunist. ☐ a. opportunist. ~ভোগী a. enjoying special privilege; privileged. ~মতো adv. conveniently; at one's convenience. সুবিধা-সুযোগ n. convenience and opportunity.
Samsad Bangla Abhidhan
সুবিধা [ subidhā ] বি. 1 উত্তম বা সহজ উপায়; 2 সুযোগ। [সং. সু + বিধা]। ~বাদী (-দিন্) বিণ. কোনো নীতির বালাই না রেখে যেদিকে সুবিধা বোঝে সেদিকেই যায় এমন, opportunist.

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