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সুখময় – Sukhamay [name]
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
সুখ [ sukha ] n ease, comfort; contentment; happiness, joy; bliss. সুখে থাকতে ভূতে কিলায় (fig.) the folly of leaving a comfortable and peaceful situation for a troubled one; act of inviting unnecessary troubles. সুখের পায়রা (fig.) a person of happy-go-lucky temperament; a fair weather friend. ~কর, ~জনক, ~দু, ~দায়ক a. easeful, comfortable; giving contentment or pleasure or happiness or joy; happy, joyful, delightful, pleasant; blissful. ~দা, ~দায়িকা । ~দুঃখ fem. n. weal and woe, joy and sorrow, happiness and misery. ~বিধান করা v. to provide for ease and comfort or for happiness. ~বোধ same as সুখানুভব । ~ভাগী a. partaking of or sharing another's joy or happiness. fem. ~ভাগিনী । সুখভোগ করা v. to enjoy ease and comfort; to enjoy happiness or joy; to enjoy bliss. ~ভোগী a. enjoying ease and comfort; enjoying happiness of joy; enjoying bliss and comfort; full of happiness or joy, happy, joyful; pleasant; blissful. ~ময় a. full of ease and happiness. ~রবি n. joy or happiness identified with the sun, the sun of joy or happiness. ~শয়ন, ~শয্যা n. a comfort able bed, (cp.) a bed of down or of roses; a bed of pleasure. ~শান্তি n. happiness and peace. ~শ্রাব্য a. pleasant to hear; melodious and sweet or agreeable or pleasing to the ear. ~সংবাদ n. (a piece of) happy news. ~সম্পদ n. happiness and riches, milk and honey. ~সূর্য same as সুখরবি । ~স্পর্শ a. pleasant to the touch. ~স্বাচ্ছন্দ্য n. happiness and ease, happiness and affluence, milk and honey. ~স্বপ্ন n. a happy or pleasant dream. ~স্মৃতি n. happy memory or recollection. সুখেস্বাচ্ছন্দ্যে adv. in comfort and happiness.

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