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genitive of সাতচল্লিশ: সাতচল্লিশ – forty-seven
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
genitive of সাতচল্লিশ: সাত [ sāta ] n. & a seven. সাত খুন মাফ (fig.) condonation of every failing or of fence, act of keeping one's eyes closed to all failings or offences of a particular person. esp. a favourite. সাত চড়ে রা না বেরোনো (fig.) the practice of taking every insult or oppression lying down, extreme meekness or inertia. সাত নকলে আসল খাস্তা (fig.) repeated imitation makes the original lose its identity. সাত সমুদ্র তেরো নদীর পার (in folk tales) a place where a human being can hardly go, (cp.) a place at the end of the world or beyond the corners of the world. সাতেও নেই পাঁচেও নেই (fig.) having no concern with, perfectly disinterested or aloof. সাতই n. the seventh day of a month, the seventh. ☐ a. (of the days of a month) seventh. ~কান্ড a. consisting of or divided into seven cantos; lengthy. ☐ adv. in detail, at great length (সাতকান্ড বলা বা শোনা). সাতকান্ড রামায়ণ (fig.) a lengthy or detailed narrative or account. ~চল্লিশ n. & a. forty-seven. ~জন্মে adv. (ever) in the long past or future. ~তাড়াতাড়ি adv. with an excessive haste, much too hastily. ~নরি a. having seven tiers or strings (সাতনরি হার). ~নলা a. seven-barrelled (সাতনলা বন্দুক). ~-পাঁচ a. many and diverse. ☐ adv. about this and that. (সাত-পাঁচ ভাবা). ~পুরুষ n. seven generations upwards or downwards; the long past or future. ~ষট্টি n. & a. sixty-seven. ~সকাল n. very early morning. ~সতেরো n. miscellany; a variety.

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