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সহযোগিতা – cooperation (+ করা = to cooperate)
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
সহ2 [ saha2 ] prep together with, with. ☐ a. (used as a pfx.) acting together, co-; accompanying; having common interests, occupations, faiths etc.; associating; inherent; assisting, assistant, deputy, subjoint. ~অধিকর্তা n. an assistant director. ~কর্মী n. a co-worker, a colleague; an associate. ~কারী n. a co-worker; an assistant. ~ n. (alg.) a co-efficient. ~গমন n. act of going together; accompanying; act of dying together; act of burning oneself to death on one's husband's funeral pyre. সহগমন করা v. to go together; to accompany; to die together; to burn oneself to death on one's husband's funeral pyre. ~গামী a. going together; accompanying; (rare) dying together or burning oneself to death on another's funeral pyre. fem. ~গামিনী । ~গামী হওয়া same as সহগমন করা । ~ঘটন n. concurrence. ~ঘটমান a. concurrent. ~চর, ~চারী a. going together; accompanying; keeping company with; (gr.—of words) correlative. ☐ n. a companion; an associate; a friend; a confidant (fem. a confidante); an attendant, a follower. fem. ~চরী, ~চারিণী । ~জাত a. born at the same time; born of the same womb and (usu.) at the same time; twin; inborn; inherent, innate. সহজাত অধিকার birthright. সহজাত সংস্কার an instinct. ~দূত n. an attache. ~ধর্মিণী n. fem. a wife associating with her husband in practice of virtues; (pop.) a wife. ~ধর্মী a. following the same faith or religion; having common propensities or virtues or properties or functions. ☐ n. a co-religionist. ~পাঠী n. a fellow-student, a class-fellow, a class-mate, fem. ~পাঠিনী । সহ-প্রধানশিক্ষক n. an assistant headmaster. সহ প্রধানশিক্ষিকা fem. an assistant headmistress, ~বাস n. living or dwelling together; cohabitation. সহবাস করা v. to live or dwell together; to cohabit. ~ভাব n. co-existence, concomitance. ~মরণ n. dying together; burning oneself to death on one's husband's funeral pyre. সহমরণে যাওয়া v. to die together; to burn oneself to death on one's husband's funeral pyre. ~মর্মিতা n. sympathy; empathy; compassion. ~মর্মী a. sympathetic, compassionate. ~মৃতা a. fem. one who has died with one's husband; one who has courted death by burning oneself on one's husband's funeral pyre. ~যাত্রী a. going or travelling together; accompanying. ☐ n. a companion; a fellow traveller. fem. ~যাত্রিণী । সহযাত্রী হওয়া v. to go or travel or journey together; to accompany. ~যোগ, ~যোগিতা n. act of associating; co-operation. সহযোগিতা করা v. to associate (with); to co-operate (with). ~যোগী a. associating; co-operating. ☐ n. an associate; a co-worker, a colleague, a comrade; a co-operator. fem. সহযোগী সম্পাদক an associate editor. ~যোগে adv. (used as prep.) together with; mixed with; with. ~যোজন n. coordination. ~যোজিত a. co-ordinated. ~যোদ্ধা n. a fellow-soldier, a brother-at arms. ~শিক্ষক n. an assistant master (fem. an assistant mistress), an assistant teacher. fem. ~শিক্ষিকা । ~সচিব n. an assistant secretary. ~সমীকরণ n. (alg.) simultaneous equation.
Samsad Bangla Abhidhan
সহযোগ [ sahayōga ] বি. 1 সংযোগ, মিলন (নানাদ্রব্যসহযোগে); 2 (কাজকর্মে) পরস্পর সাহায্য, সহায়তা। [সং. সহ + √ যুজ্ + অ]। সহ-যোগী (-গিন্) বিণ. 1 সাহায্যকারী; 2 সহকর্মী; 3 সহকারী (সহযোগী সম্পাদক)। সহ-যোগিতা বি. 1 সহযোগীর ভাব বা কাজ; 2 সাহায্য (স্ত্রীর সহযোগিতা)।

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