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সর্ব [ sarba ] a all; whole, entire; complete, total, thorough; universal. ☐ n. Shiva (শিব). সর্বংসহ a. tolerating everything, allenduring, omnipotent. fem. সর্বংসহা । ~কালীন a. of all times, all-time; working wholetime or covering whole time; wholetime. ~কালে adv. in all times, ever. ~ক্ষণ n. all time; the whole time, all the time. ☐ adv. every moment, always. ~গত a. all-pervading; omnipresent. ~গুণাকর, ~গুণাধার n. a container of all virtues or good qualities. ☐ a. (erron.) same as ~গুণান্বিত । ~গুণান্বিত a. endowed with all virtues or good qualities; all-good. ~গ্রাস n. total eclipse; act of devouring or grabbing everything. ~গ্রাসী a. all-devouring; all grabbing. fem. ~গ্রাসিনী । ~জনপ্রিয় a. be loved of all, dear to all; universally popular. ~জনস্বীকৃত a. universally or unanimously admitted or accepted. ~জনহিত n. universal good, universal welfare; public good, public welfare. ~জনহিতকর a. beneficial to all, good for all, universally good. ~জনীন a. good for all, universally good; universal; public, common. ~জনীনতা n. universality. ~জ্ঞ a. all-knowing, omniscient. সর্বজ্ঞতা n. omniscience. ~ adv. in all respects; in everything; everywhere; in all ways; by all means; entirely, wholly; thoroughly. সর্বতোভাবে same as ~থা । ~ত্যাগী a. all-renouncing, all-sacrificing. fem. ~ত্যাগিনী । ~ত্র adv. every where; ever, in all times; in all directions; in all respects. ~গামী capable of or given to going or reaching every where. fem. সর্বত্রগামিনী । ~থা adv. in every way or manner, by all means; in all respects. ~দর্শী a. all-seeing. fem. ~দর্শিনী । ~দা adv. always, ever; in all times. ~দুঃখহর a. removing all sorrows or afflictions. fem. ~দুঃখহরা । ~দেশীয় a. pertaining to all countries, international, universal; country-wide. ~ধর্মসমন্বয় n. synthesis or harmonization of all religions. ~নাম n. (gr.) the pro noun. ~নাশ n. complete or total destruction; utter ruin; great harm; a great danger or calamity. সর্বনাশ করা v. to destroy completely or totally; to ruin utterly; to undo (a person); to cause a great harm or danger or calamity (to). সর্বনাশ হওয়া v. to be destroyed completely; to be ruined utterly; to be undone; to be harmed greatly; to be placed in a great danger or calamity. ~নাশা (loos.) a. same as ~নাশী (a.). ☐ n. (usu. in mild reproach) one who undoes a person by exposing him or her to shame; a shameless man. ~নাশী a. causing complete or total destruction; causing utter ruin; causing a great harm or danger or calamity to. ☐ n. fem. of ~নাশা । fem a. ~নাশিনী । ~নিয়ন্তা n. one who controls everything; the Su preme Ruler, God. fem. ~নিয়ন্ত্রী the controller of everything. ~নেশে coll. var. of ~নাশা । ~প্রকার a. of all kinds and varieties; omnigenous; all-round. ~প্রকারে adv. in every way; in all respects. ~প্রথম a. first, foremost. ~প্রধান a. chief of all, most distinguished; most important; pre-eminent; chief; sovereign, supreme. ~প্রিয় a. dear to everyone, be loved of all, popular with all, universally popular. ~বাদিসম্মত a. unanimously agreed or accepted, unanimous; universally agreed or accepted. ~বিধ same as ~প্রকার । ~বিষয়ে adv. in all matters; in everything; in all respects; in all subjects. ~বিষহর a. counteracting all poisons. ~বিষহর ওষুধ an antidote for all poisons, (cp.) the Venice treacle. ~ব্যাপী a. all-pervading; ubiquitous; ubiquitarian; omnipresent; (loos.) universal. fem. ~ব্যাপিনী । ~ব্যাপিতা n. the state of being all-pervading; ubiquity; omnipresence; (loos.) universality. ~ভুক a. omnivorous. ~ভূত n. all created beings. ~ভূতাত্মা n. the Soul that is present or inherent in all created beings. ~মঙ্গলা n. fem. one who is the cause or source of all good; Goddess Durga (দুর্গা). ~ময় a. all-pervading; ubiquitous; ubiquitarian; omnipresent; all in all (সর্বময় কর্তা); all-powerful, sovereign, supreme; omnipotent. fem. ~ময়ী । ~রোগহর a. counteracting or curing all diseases. ~রোগহর ওষুধ n. a cure all, a panacea. ~লোক n. the whole universe; the whole world; all people of the world, everybody, all and sundry. ~শক্তি প্রয়োগ করা v. to apply total or utmost strength or power; to exert one's utmost; to apply all powers or forces. ~শক্তিমান a. all-powerful, almighty, omnipotent. ~শাস্ত্রজ্ঞ a. versed in all branches of learning or in all sciences or in all scriptures. ~শেষ a. last of all, ultimate. ~শেষে adv. last of all, at last. ~শ্রেষ্ঠ a. best of all; pre-eminent; highest; supreme. ~সমক্ষে adv. before every body, in presence of all, in public, publicly, openly. ~সম a. equal in all respects, congruent. ~সময়, ~সময়ে adv. all times or hours; always, ever; every time. ~সম্মত a. unanimously approved or permitted or accepted or acknowledged. ~সম্মতিক্রমে adv. unanimously; with unanimous approval or support. ~সাকুল্যে adv. in all, in the aggregate, as a whole, collectively. ~সাধারণ n. the public, the people. ~সিদ্ধি n. attainment or realization of all desires or ends; complete success. ~স্ব n. whatever one possesses, one's total possessions, one's all. ~স্বহরণ n. robbing one of all one's belongings. ~স্বান্ত a. robbed of one's all belongings; utterly ruined. ~হিত same as ~জনহিত । সর্বাংশ n. all parts. সর্বাংশে adv. in every part; in all respects; completely, thoroughly; perfectly. সর্বাগ্র a. foremost; first; lying in the forefront. সর্বাগ্রে adv. in the fore most place; first of all, in the forefront. সর্বাঙ্গ n. the whole body; all limbs. সর্বাঙ্গসুন্দর a. beautiful in every limb; having a perfectly beautiful body; beautiful in all respects or in every part, perfectly beautiful. সর্বাঙ্গীণ a. covering the whole body, considering every limb; considering all aspects; thorough, comprehensive; total, complete. সর্বাঙ্গে adv. all over the body, all over; in every limb; in all parts; in all respects; thoroughly, completely, totally. সর্বাণী n. Goddess Durga the wife of Sarva (সর্ব). সর্বাত্মক a. all-pervading; comprehensive; total, complete; all out; supreme, sovereign. সর্বাদৃত a. well received by all, dear to all; universally popular. সর্বাধিক a. most of all, most, greatest, highest, largest; utmost. সর্বাধিনায়ক n. the supreme leader; the commander-in-chief. সর্বাধ্যক্ষ n. the director-general; (loos.) the managing director. সর্বান্তঃকরণে adv. whole-heartedly, with all one's heart, heart and soul, willingly and completely. সর্বাপেক্ষা adv. of all; beyond all; above all. সর্বাবয়ব same as সর্বাঙ্গ । সর্বাভরণ n. ornament for all the different limbs; all ornaments. সর্বার্থসাধক a. fulfilling all desires; realizing all ends; supplying all needs; (loos.) multipurpose (সর্বার্থসাধক সমবায় সমিতি বা বিদ্যালয় . fem. সর্বার্থসাধিকা । সর্বার্থসিদ্ধি n. same as সর্বসিদ্ধি । সর্বেশ্বর n. the lord or master of all; the supreme lord; God; Shiva (শিব). ☐ a. having sovereign authority over everybody; supreme; sovereign. সর্বেসর্বা a. all in all; invested with absolute authority; all-ruling; predominant. সর্বোচ্চ a. highest of all; most high, highest. সর্বোত্তম a. best, choicest, most excellent. সর্বোপরি adv. on the topmost place; uppermost; above all.

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