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সত্যি [adjective] correct, genuine, true, [noun] truth, reality [colloquial]
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
সত্য [ satya ] a real; true; genuine; right, correct. ☐ n. existence, entity, ens, esse; reality; truth; genuineness; an oath; a solemn vow; a promise; (myth.) the first of the four ages or aeons, the Golden Age. সত্য করা v. to take an oath; to take a solemn vow; to promise. সত্য বলা v. to speak the truth; to speak the right thing. আপাতসত্য a. true on the surface; verisimilar. ☐ n. verisimilar. তিন সত্য an oath or promise thrice uttered to make it inviolable. সত্য কথা truth. সত্য কথা বলা v. to speak the truth. ~কথন n. act of speaking the truth, truthfulness. ~তা n. truth; veracity; genuineness, authenticity. ~নারায়ণ n. a Hindu deity. ~নিষ্ঠ, ~পরায়ণ a. intently devoted to truth; true to one's word or vow. ~নিষ্ঠা, ~পরায়ণতা n. intent devotion to truth; practice of keeping one's word or vow; integrity. ~পথ n. the path of virtue, the right path; the correct means. ~পালন করা v. to keep or fulfil one's promise or vow. ~পির n. Satyanarayana (সত্যনারায়ণ) as worshipped by Muslims. ~প্রিয় same as সত্যানুরাগী । ~বাদিতা n. truthfulness. ~বাদী a. truthful. fem. ~বাদিনী । ~ব্রত a. intently practising virtue and truthfulness. ~ভঙ্গ n. breach of promise or vow or trust. ~যুগ n. (myth.) the first of the four ages or aeons of the world, the Golden Age. ~সত্যই adv. really; verily. ~সন্ধ a. ac ceptant of truth; true to one's vow or promise. সত্যাগ্রহ n. earnest endeavour for the establishment of the reign of truth; (pop.) passive resistance or picketing or strike, satyagraha. সত্যাগ্রহ করা v. (pop.) to offer passive resistance or to strike. সত্যাগ্রহী n. a determined champion of truth or of the reign of truth; (pop.) one offering passive resistance or a picketer or a striker. সত্যানুরাগ n. love for or devotion to truth. সত্যানুরাগী a. truth-loving; devoted to truth. fem. সত্যানুরাগিণী । সত্যানুসন্ধান করা v. to search for truth. সত্যানুসন্ধায়ী a. searching for truth. সত্যান্বেষণ n. search for truth. সত্যান্বেষী a. searching for truth. ☐ n. a seeker after truth. সত্যাপন করা v. to affirm; to take an oath. সতাসত্য n. truth and falsehood; the right and the wrong. ☐ a. true and false; right and wrong. সত্যি coll. form of সত্য । সত্যিকার, সত্যিকারের a. true; real; genuine.

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