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শাসক – ruler, ruling
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
শাসক [ śāsaka ] n a subduer; a ruler, a governor; an administrator (fem. administratrix); a controller, a repressor; one who enjoins; a discipliner, a chastiser, a chas tener. জেলা-শাসক n. a district magistrate. ~মণ্ডলী n. the governing body, the administrative body, the administration; the government. ~সম্প্রদায় n. the ruling class. শাসন [ śāsana ] n subdual; rule; management (জমিদারি শাসন); government or administration (of a state); reign; control or repression (ইন্দ্রিয়শাসন); direction, dictation, enjoinment (শাস্ত্রের শাসন); an edict, a commandment (তাম্রশাসন), disciplining, chastisement, punishment (ছেলেকে শাসন); jurisdiction (শাসনাধীন). শাসন করা v. to subdue; to rule, to govern, to manage; to administer; to reign; to control or repress; to command; to discipline, to chastise, to chasten, to punish. শাসনে আনা v. to subdue; to subjugate; to bring under control; to bring into submission. কর্তা same as শাসক । fem. ~কর্ত্রী । ~কৃত্যক n. administrative service. ~তন্ত্র n. a form of government; constitution (of a state) ~তান্ত্রিক a. relating to the form of government; constitutional. ~প্রণালী n. a system of government. ~যন্ত্র n. government machinery. শাসনাধীন a. under rule (of); governed (by); under jurisdiction (of); politically dependent (on another state), under domination (of). শাসনিক a. administrative; governmental; jurisdictional. শাসনীয় same as শাস্য ।
Samsad Bangla Abhidhan
শাসক [ śāsaka ] বিণ. বি. যে শাসন দমন বা পরিচালনা করে। [সং. √ শাস্ + অক]।

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