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লোকসভা – the lower house of parliament
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
সভা [ sabhā ] n an assembly, a council; a commit tee; an association, a society, a club, a community (ব্রাহ্মণসভা); a conference, a meeting, an assemblage; an audience chamber, a durbar (রাজসভা); a court (বিচারসভা). সভা করা v. to hold a meeting; to hold a court or durbar; to sit in a court or durbar. সভা চলছে v. the meeting is in progress, the meeting is under way. সভা ডাকা v. to convene a meeting. সভা বসছে v. the meeting has commenced; the court has sat. সভা ভাঙল v. the meeting breaks up or ends; the court rises. বনিকসভা n. a chamber of commerce. রাজ্যসভা n. a legislative assembly; the Upper House of the Indian Parliament. লোকসভা n. a parliament; the Indian Parliament (the House of the People or the Lower House or Chamber). ~কক্ষ n. an assembly hall; a council-room; a meeting room; a committee-room. ~কবি n. a court poet. ~গৃহ same as সভাকক্ষ and সভাভবন । ~জন n. a member of an assembly, council, court, association etc. or of the audience of a meeting; a courtier. ~তল n. the venue or place of a meeting; the floor of an assembly house or hall (esp. of a legislative assembly). ~নেত্রী n. fem. a woman president or chairperson of a meeting, assembly, association etc. ~পন্ডিত n. a Brahman scholar retained in a court, a court-pundit; a court scholar. ~পতি n. a president or chair man of a meeting, association etc.; the chairman of a legislative council; the speaker of a legislative assembly. ~পতিত্ব n. presidentship, presidency; chairmanship; speakership. ~পতিত্ব করা v. to preside (over). ~ভঙ্গ n. the break up or dissolution of a meeting; the rising of a court. n. ~ভবন an assembly house, a council house; an association hall, a society house; a court house. ~রম্ভ n. commencement of a meeting. ~সদ n. a member of an assembly, council, committee, conference etc; a courtier; (law) an assessor. ~সমিতি n. meetings and associations (collectively). ~সীন a. sitting or seated at a meeting or in a court. ~স্থল same as ~তল ।

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