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Bangla-Tangla Dictionary
রোখা – to stop something
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
রুখা1, রোখা [ rukhā1, rōkhā ] v to get angry, to fly up in a passion; to be on the point of attacking, to be aggressive or affronting; to arrest the motion of, to stop (গাড়ি রোখা); to intercept, to obstruct, to check, to oppose the onset of (শত্রুকে রোখা). রোখ [ rōkha ] n a stubborn resolve or desire; spiritedness; growth (গাছের রোখ). রোখ চাপা v. to be seized with a strong re solve or desire. রোখ দেখানো v. to exhibit spiritedness (usu. affected or impotent). রোখা, রোখালো a. of strong re solve; stubborn; spirited; exuberantly growing (রোখালো গাছ).
Samsad Bangla Abhidhan
রোখা1 [ rōkhā1 ] দ্র রুখা

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