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রং – color
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
রং, রঙ [ ra, ṃraṅa ] n colour, hue; dye; paint; complexion; (of playing cards) a suit or one of a suit or the trump-suit or a trump; exaggeration. রং করা v. to put colour on, to paint, to colour; to dye. রং চড়ানো v. to put colour on, to colour; to exaggerate. রং হওয়া v. to take on colour, to colour. ~চং n. variegation in colouring; gaudiness. ~চঙা, ~চঙে a. variegated in colours; gaudy. ~ঢং n. fun and frolics; drollery; frolicking. ~দার same as রংচঙা । রংবেরং, রঙবেরঙ a. variegated in colours; diverse. রঙানো v. to dye; to colour; to paint, see also রাঙানো ।
Samsad Bangla Abhidhan
রঙ, রঙকানা, রঙচঙ, রঙচঙে, রঙদার, রঙবেরঙ [ raṅa, raṅakānā, raṅacaṅa, raṅacaṅē, raṅadāra, raṅabēraṅa ] দ্র রংরঙঢঙ, রংঢং, রঙমহল দ্র রঙ্গ2

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