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objective of মধ্যপন্থী: মধ্যপন্থী [noun] [adjective] moderate (political) [derivation: মধ্য + পন্থী]
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
objective of মধ্যপন্থী: মধ্য [ madhya ] n the middle; the centre; the waist; the inside or interior; midst; interval. ☐ a. middle, central, mid; interior, inside; intervening, interim, mean; middling, mediocre; medium. মধ্য উষ্ণতা mean temperature. ~ a. (arith.) mean. ☐ n. (arith.) a mean. ~কর্ণ n. the middle ear, (loos.) the tympanum. ~কাল n. (astr.) the meantime. ~কোণ n. (astr.) the mean anomaly. ~ক্ষীণা a. fem. having a slender waist. ~ a. of the middling state, mean. fem. ~গা । ~গমন n. (astr.) culmination. ~চ্ছদা n. (physio.) the diaphragm. ~তল n. (astr.) the meridian plane. ~ত্বক n. (bot.) mesocarp. ~দিন n. (arch.) midday, noon. ~দেশ n. the middle or central part; the waist; the interior or inside; Central India. ~পদলোপী n. (gr.) a mode of framing compound words by deleting the word in the middle of other two. ~পর্দা, ~পরদা n. the middle lamella. ~পন্থা n. the middle course; the golden mean. ~পন্থী a. & n. moderate, (a person) avoiding extremes and following or pursuing the middle course or the golden mean. ~প্রাচ্য n. the Middle East; countries of the Middle East. ~বয়স্ক a. middle-aged. fem. মধ্যবয়স্কা । ~বর্তিতা n. the state of being in the middle; the state of being inside; intermediacy; intervention; mediation. ~বর্তী a. situated or stationed in the middle or inside or in the midst; intermediate; intervening; medial; mediating. fem. ~বর্তিনী । ~বর্তী নিযুক্তক a handling agent. মধ্যবর্তী হওয়া v. to lie in or go into the middle; to intervene; to mediate. ~বিত্ত a. middleclass, bourgeois. মধ্যবিত্ত-মনোবৃত্তি n. middleclass mentality; (esp. pol.) petty bourgeois mentality. মধ্যবিত্ত-সম্প্রদায় n. the middle class, the bourgeoisie. ~বিধ a. middling, mediocre. ~বিন্দু n. the centre. ~ভারত n. Central India. ~মণি n. a jewel at the centre of anything; (fig.) the most glorious or precious or prominent person or thing. ~মান n. an Indian musical measure. ~যুগ n. the Middle Ages. ~যুগীয় a. mediaeval. ~রাত্র n. midnight. ~রাত্রে adv. at midnight, at dead of night. ~রেখা n. (geog. & astr.) the meridian; (geom.) a median. মধ্যশিক্ষা পর্ষৎ The Board of Secondary Education. ~শিরা n. (bot.) the midrib. ~স্থ a. of the interior or inside; inner; lying inside or in the interior; lying in the midst; intermediate, medial; intervening; mediating; intermediary. ☐ n. a mediator; an arbitrator, an arbiter; an intermediary, a middleman, a go-between. fem. ~স্থা । মধ্যস্থ ন্যায়ালয় an arbitral tribunal. ~স্থতা n. mediation; arbitration. মধ্যস্থতা করা v. to mediate; to arbitrate. ~স্থল n. the middle; the centre; the inside, the interior; the midst. ~স্থিত a. lying inside or in the interior; lying in the midst.

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