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Bangla-Tangla Dictionary
ভাগ্যি – luck, fate (~ + ভালো = luckily); [variant of ভাগ্য]
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
ভাগ্য [ bhāgya ] n fate, fortune, luck, destiny; chance; good fortune, good luck. ~ক্রমে adv. fortunately, luckily; by chance. ~গণনা n. fortune-telling. ভাগ্যগণনা করা v. to foretell or tell one's fortune. ~গণনাকারী n. a fortune-teller, an astrologer. ~গুণে adv. by dint of one's good fortune; (often ironically) as one's fate would have it; because of one's ill fate. ~চক্র n. the wheel of fortune; ever changeful fortune. ~দেবতা n. the god or goddess of fortune or destiny, Destiny, (cp.) the Fates. fem. ~দেবী । ~দোষে adv. through bad luck, unfortunately, as ill luck would have it. ~নিয়ন্তা same as ~বিধাতা । ~পরীক্ষা n. a trial of luck. ভাগ্য পরীক্ষা করা v. to try one's luck. ~পুরুষ same as ~বিধাতা । ~ফল n. one's destiny; astrological reading of one's fortune. ~বতী fem. of ~বান । ~বন্ত same as ~বান । ~বল n. strength of one's good fortune; fortune's favour. ~বাদী n. a fatalist. ~বান a. fortunate, lucky. ~বিড়ম্বনা n. bad or ill luck; misfortune; reverses of fate. ~বিধাতা n. the divine ordainer of fortune or destiny, Destiny. fem. ~বিধাত্রী । ~বিপর্যয় n. reverses of fortune; reversal of fortune; misfortune. ~মন্ত same as ~বান । ~লিখন, ~লিপি n. one's foreordained fortune (esp. as supposed to have been written on one's forehead by the god of destiny). ~হীন a. unfortunate, luckless, ill-fated, unlucky. fem. ~হীনা । ভাগ্যি n. dial. corrup. of ভাগ্য ।int. ex pressing: it is fortunate that, luckily (ভাগ্যি তুমি এলে). ভাগ্যিস int. same as ভাগ্যি (int.). ভাগ্যোদয় n. dawning of one's good fortune.
Samsad Bangla Abhidhan
ভাগ্যি [ bhāgyi ] (কথ্য) বি. ভাগ্য। ☐ অব্য. ভাগ্য ভালো তাই, ভাগ্যবলে (ভাগ্যি, তুমি সময়মতো এসেছ)। [সং. ভাগ্য]।

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