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objective of ভদ্রলোক: ভদ্রলোক – gentleman
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
objective of ভদ্রলোক: ভদ্র [ bhadra ] a polished or elegant in taste or demeanour; (rare) civilized; courteous; polite; well-behaved, mannerly; amiable; suave; belonging to polished or high society; gentle, auspicious, propitious, salutary; honest, chaste. ☐ n. weal; welfare; Shiva (শিব). ভদ্র আচরণ gentlemanly conduct; good manners. ~কালী n. a manifestation of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা). ~তা n. polished or elegant taste or demeanour; courtesy, politeness; amiability; suavity; gentility; auspiciousness, propitiousness, salu tariness; honesty, chastity; formality. ভদ্রতা করা v. to treat one courteously, to be formal with; to be suave. ভদ্রতার অনুরোধে, ভদ্রতার খাতিরে for courtesy's sake, for the sake of formalities. ভদ্রতাচরণ n. courteous or polite deport mentor conduct, courtesy. ভদ্রতাবিরুদ্ধ a. discourteous, impolite, uncivil. ভদ্রতামূলক a. pertaining to courtesy, formal. ~মহিলা n. fem. a gentle woman; a lady. ~লোক n. a gentleman; a courteous or amiable man; an honest man. ভদ্রলোকের এক কথা (fig.) a gentleman or an honest man is always true to his words or promise. ~সন্তান n. one coming of a respectable family; a gentle man. ~সমাজ n. society of cultured or decent people. ~স্থ a. (coll.) in the state of a gentlemen; gentlemanlike. ভদ্রা a. fem. of ভদ্র (a.). ☐ n. (astr. & astrol.) the second, seventh or twelfth day of a lunar fortnight (these days are considered inauspicious. ভদ্র পড়া v. (dial.) to be obstructed or hindered; to have an impediment or a hitch or a set-back. ভদ্রাভদ্র n. good and evil; respectable and disreputable. ভদ্রেশ্বর n. a manifestation of Shiva (শিব). ভদ্রোচিত a. gentlemanlike, gentlemanly; polite; courteous; gentle.

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