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বেদনা – pain, sorrow
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
বেদনা [ bēdanā ] n feeling; pain, ache; affliction; grief, sorrow; mental agony. বেদনা করা v. to pain, to ache. বেদনা দেওয়া v. to pain; to inflict pain on; to grieve; to agonize mentally. বেদনা পাওয়া v. to be pained; to feel pain; to be grieved. ~জনক, ~দায়ক a. painful; grievous; agonizing; pitiable; sad. ~বোধ n. feeling of pain. ~র্ত a. afflicted; pained; agonized; aggrieved. ~হীন a. painless, unaching.

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