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locative of ফাঁসিকাঠ: ফাঁসিকাঠ – gallows
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
locative of ফাঁসিকাঠ: ফাঁসি [ phām̐si ] n death or killing or suicide by hanging; strangling; a sentence of death by hanging; a rope for hanging, a halter; (rare) a noose, a slip-knot. ফাঁসি দেওয়া v. to hang; to strangle; to sentence to death by hanging. ফাঁসি যাওয়া v. to be hanged. ফাঁসির আসামি a convict sentenced to death by hanging. ফাঁসির দড়ি a rope for hanging, a halter. ~কাঠ n. gallows. ফাঁসির মঞ্চ the hanging platform; the scaffold.

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