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Bangla-Tangla Dictionary
ফন্দিফিকির – ploys (+ করা = to plot and scheme) [derivation: ফন্দি + ফিকির]
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
ফন্দি [ phandi ] n a scheme, a plot, an intrigue, a device; a stratagem; a secret intention. ফন্দি আঁটা, ফন্দি করা v. to devise a scheme or plan or stratagem, to plot, to intrigue. ফন্দি খাটানো v. to apply or effect a scheme or stratagem. ~ফিকির n. shifts and subterfuges, tricky devices or ways and means. ~বাজ a. (of a person) intriguing, scheming; full of intrigues.

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