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প্রীতিকর – pleasant
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
প্রীতি [ prīti ] n pleasure, satisfaction; delight, joy; love; affection; attachment; fondness; friendliness; amicability; amiability; favour (উপরওয়ালার প্রীতি). ীতি অর্জন করা v. to earn the favour of; to be pleased or satisfied or delighted. ~উপহার n. a complimentary gift or present; a gift or token of love. ~কর a. pleasing, pleasant; delightful; agreeable. ~পূর্ণ a. loving; affectionate; friendly; amicable; amiable; cordial. ~ভরে adv. lovingly; affectionately; in a friendly spirit; amiably; cordially; with delight. ~ভাজন n. one deserving love or affection or friendship; a favourite. ~ভোজ, ~ভোজন n. a feast or feasting. ~সম্ভাষণ n. a cordial or friendly greeting. ~সম্মেলন n. a friendly or cordial meeting or assembly or gathering. ~সূচক a. expressing pleasure or delight; cordial; friendly.

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