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দুর্গা – Durga, a Hundu goddess [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Durga]
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
অষ্ট [ aṣṭa ] n. & a eight. ~ n. any collection of eight, an octave; a book containing eight chapters; a verse containing eight couplets. ☐ a. eight. ~আশি see অষ্টাশি । ~কোণ n. (geom.) an octagon. ☐ a. octagonal ~কোণী a. octagonal. ~গুণ a. multiplied by eight, eightfold. ☐ n. eight times. ~চত্বারিংশ a. forty-eighth. ~চত্বারিংশৎ n. & a. forty-eight. ~চত্বারিংশত্তম a. forty-eighth. fem. ~চত্বারিংশত্তমী । ~দিকপাল n. the eight guardian deities of the eight points of the earth. ~ধা adv. & a. eight times; eightfold; in eight ways. ~ধাতু n. the eight metals; gold, silver, copper, bronze, bell-metal, zinc, lead and iron. ~নবতি n. & a. ninety-eight. ~নবতিতম a. ninety-eighth. fem. ~নবতিতমী । ~নাগ n. (myth.) the eight chief snakes. ~নায়িকা n. the eight minor goddesses; the eight manifestations of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা); (lit.) eight moods of the heroine or the sweetheart (namely, going to assignation, expecting her lover to come to her bed-chamber, worried owing to sudden absence of her lover, deceived by her lover, stricken with anger and jealousy on observing on the person of her lover signs indicating that he had been to another woman, feeling miser able for having quarrelled with and sent back her lover, enjoying domineering control over her lover, and separated from her lover as he has gone abroad). ~পঞ্চাশৎ n. & a. fifty-eight. ~পঞ্চাশত্তম a. fifty-eighth. fem. ~পঞ্চাশত্তমী । ~পাদ a. octopod. ☐ n. an octopod; the spider; a mythological oc topod said to be even stronger than the lion (cp. octopus, শরভ). ~প্রহর n. a whole day and night, twenty-four hours, a form of collective religious chanting by the Hindus continuing for twenty-four hours at a stretch. ☐ adv. throughout the whole day and night; always; ceaselessly. ~বজ্র n. the eight infallible weapons of the eight principal gods. ~বজ্রমিলন n. simultaneous hurling of অষ্টবজ্র, , which causes the destruction of the universe; precipitation of a highly explosive condition. ~বসু n. the eight demi-gods (see বসু). ~বিধ a. of eight kinds. ~ভুজ a. eight-handed, octagonal. ☐ n. an octagon. ~ভুজা a. & n. fem. of অষ্টভুজ ।n. a manifestation of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা). ~ভৈরব n. the eight terrible manifestations of Shiva (শিব). অষ্টম a. eighth. ~মঙ্গলা n. a manifestation of Durga (দুর্গা); the custom according to which the newly-wed groom comes back to the father-in-law's house with his wife on the eighth day of marriage. অষ্টমবর্ষীয় a. of or in the eighth year; eight years old. অষ্টমবাৎসরিক, অষ্টমবার্ষিক a. of the eighth year. ~মাংশ n. one-eighth; the eighth part. ~মী n. fem. the eighth day of either fortnight of a lunar month. ☐ a. fem. eighth; eight years old. ~মূর্তি n. the eight manifestations of Shiva (শিব). ~রম্ভা n. (pop.) a mere nothing, a hoax, a mare's nest; a fiasco. ~ষষ্টি n. & a. sixty-eight. ~ষষ্টিতম a. sixty-eighth. ~সপ্ততি n. & a. seventy-eight. ~সপ্ততিতম a. seventy-eighth. ~সিদ্ধি n. the eight superhuman qualities attainable by ascetical or austere practice. দুর্গা [ durgā ] n Goddess Durga also called Shakti (শক্তি) or Force; the wife of Shiva (শিব)—she is the chief of female deities and a slayer of demons, and she presides over prosperity, victory, and fame of mankind.
Samsad Bangla Abhidhan
দুর্গা [ durgā ] বি. দুর্গতিনাশিনী দেবী, শিবপত্নী ভগবতী। [সং. দুর্ + √ গম্ (অথবা √ গৈ) + অ + আ]। ~পূজা, দুর্গোৎসব বি. শরৎকালে দেবী দুর্গার পূজা ও তদুপলক্ষ্যে উৎসব। দুর্গোৎসব [ durgōtsaba ] দ্র দুর্গা

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