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emphatic of locative of দুজন: দুজন – two people
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emphatic of locative of দুজন: দু [ du ] pfx contr. of দুই । দু-আনি alt. spell. of দুয়ানি । দু-এক alt. spell. of দুয়েক । দুকথা n. a few words; rough or harsh words, rebuke (দুকথা শুনিয়ে দেওয়া). দুকান করা v. to give out (a secret). দুকান-কাটা a. (fig.) bare-faced, brazen-faced, shameless. দুকুল n. the father's family and the in law's family (of a woman); the paternal and the maternal lines (of any person); (fig.) both alternatives. দুকুল খাওয়া (fig.) to lose all means of aid or sup port. দুকূল n. both banks of a river; (fig.) earthly life and life after death; (fig.) both alternatives. দুখানা, দুখানি, (dial.) দুখান n. two pieces, two. ☐ a. two pieces of, two; split or torn or broken into two. দুগুণ a. twice, double. দুচার a. a few; only a few, very few (দুচার দিন, দুচার কথা). দুচারটি, দুচারটে, দুচারখানা n &. a. a few or a few things (দুচারটি বই). দুচালা a. having two thatched roofs. □ n. such a hut. দু-চোখের বিষ (fig.) an eyesore. দু-চোখ যেদিকে যায় wherever (my) eyes lead (me) to. দুজন pro. two (per sons). ☐ a. two. দুজনই pro. & a. both. দুটি, দুটো1 pro. two (objects or things). □ a. two. দুটো2 n. & a. two o'clock. দুটানা n. simultaneous pulls in two opposite directions; oscillation; a dilemma. দুটানায় পড়া to be in a dilemma or quandary, to be in a state of indecision. দুটোচারটে n. & a. a few things or a few; only a few things or only a few. দু-তরফা a. pertaining to or contested by both the opposite sides, bipartite. দুতলা, দুতালা a. two-storied; double-decked. ☐ n. the first floor; the upper deck. দুতারা a. two-stringed. ☐ n. a double-stringed musical instrument. দুধার n. both sides; two sides. দুধারী a. pertaining to or inclined to both the sides; two-sided; double-handed. দুনম্বরি n. dishonesty; doing things in a dishonest manner, the habit or practice of doing dishonest things. ☐ a. dishonest, unfair; unlawful, illegal (দুনম্বরি ব্যাবসা); gained by evil or illegal means (দুনম্বরি পয়সা). দুনলা a. double-barrelled. ☐ n. a double barrelled gun. দু-নৌকোয় পা দেওয়া (fig.) to fall between two stools, to serve God and Mammon simultaneously. দু পাক n. act or an instance of enfolding or taking round twice; two coils; a short stroll, a short leisurely walk. দু-পেয়ে a. two-legged; biped. দু-ফলা a. (of a knife) having two blades; (of a tree) bearing fruit twice a year. দুফাঁক a. split asunder into two. দু-ফালি , (dial.) দু-ফাল n. two slices. ☐ a. sliced or parted into two. দুবার n. two times. ☐ adv. twice. দুভাষী a. speaking two languages (esp. as one's mother-tongue); bilingual. ☐ n. an interpreter; a bilingual man. দু-মনা a. of two minds, hesitating, vacillating, wavering. দু-মুখো a. two-faced; double-faced; two-way (দু-মুখো গলি). দু-মুখো আচরণ double-dealing, double-crossing. দু-মুখো লোক a double-dealer. দু-মুঠা, দু-মুঠো a. two handfuls of. দু-মেটে a. (of clay images etc.) doubly plastered. দুয়ানি n. a two-anna bit or piece. দুয়েক a. one or two; a few. দু-রঙা a. bi-coloured. দু-সন্ধ্যা adv. & a. both in the daytime and evening (or at night). দু সুতি n. a coarse cloth woven in double thread. দু-হাত এক করা v. to unite (a bride and a bridegroom) in marriage; to cup one's palms. দু-হাতি a. measuring two cubits. দুহাতিয়া a. (of a stroke) dealt with both hands. ☐ adv. with both hands.
Samsad Bangla Abhidhan
emphatic of locative of দুজন: দুজন, দুজনা [ dujana, dujanā ] বি. বিণ. দুই ব্যক্তি (দুজনে সেখানে গেল, দুজন লোক)। [বাং. দু + সং. জন]।

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