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দিনরাত – day and night
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দিন1 [ dina1 ] n a day (in all senses); the time of light from sunrise to sunset; twenty-four hours from one sunrise to the next; a sidereal day; (astr. & astrol.) a lunar day; daily working period or hours; a length of time, a period (দীর্ঘদিন); time of existence, duration of life (তার দিন ফুরিয়েছে); an age or a point of time (সেদিন আর নেই); time (আমার দিন কাটে না); an auspicious or favourable time (যদি দিন আসে). দিন কাটানো same as দিন যাপন করা । দিন গোনা v. (fig.) to look forward to eagerly (esp. for a long time). ~কর n. the sun. ~কল n. present time or times (দিনকাল বড় খারাপ). ~ক্ষণ n. (astrol.) suitability or auspiciousness of a day for doing something. ~ক্ষণ n. a conjunction of three lunar days in one sidereal day. ~ক্ষেপ, ~ক্ষেপণ same as দিনযাপন । ~গত a. pertaining to a day; daily, diurnal. দিনগত পাপক্ষয় (lit. but rare) sacramental and other purifications prescribed for the daily life; (pop. & dero.) the routine drudgery or monotonous toil of daily life. ~দগ্ধা n. (astrol.) an inauspicious day for doing anything. দিন দিন adv. day by day; gradually; everyday, daily. ~দুপুরে adv. in broad daylight. ~নাথ, ~পতি n. the sun. ~পঞ্জি n. day-to-day record of events, a diary. ~পঞ্জিকার n. a diarist. ~পত্রী n. a daily journal, a diary. ~পাত same as দিনযাপন । ~ভর adv. all day long, throughout the day. ~মজুর n. a day-labourer. ~মণি n. the sun. ~মান n. the time of light from sunrise to sunset, daytime. দিন মাইনে n. daily wage. ~যাপন n. spending a day. দিনযাপন করা v. to spend one's days, to pass one's time, to lead a life; to spend a day. ~রাত n. day and night. ☐ adv. at all hours of the day and night, constantly, always. ~লিপি n. a diary. ~শেষ n. close or end of a day, the evening. দিনাতিপাত করা v. spend days. দিনে-ডাকাতি robbery in broad day light; (fig.) an extremely daring villainy or misdeed. দিনকে রাত করা (fig.) to exaggerate beyond recognition; to tell a downright lie. দিনে দিনে day by day, gradually. দিনেদুপুরে more pop. var. of দিনদুপুরে । দিনের আলো the light of the day, daylight. দিনের নাগাল পাওয়া to be in sight of better days.

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