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ততদিন – that many days [correlative]
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
তত2 [ tata2 ] adv. & con to that amount or number or extent or degree. ☐ adv. so much, so, up to expectation (বইখানা তত ভালো নয়). ☐ con. so, as. ☐ a. that much or so many (তত সময়, তত লোক). ~ক্ষণ adv. up to or till or during or within that time. ~ক্ষণে adv. by that time. ~দিন adv. for so many days; for those days; up to or till or during so many or those days. ~দিনে adv. same as ততক্ষণে । ~হি, ~হিঁ adv. (poet. & obs.) at that.

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