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জীবনসংশয় – life-threatening condition [derivation: জীবন + সংশয়]
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
জীবন [ jībana ] n life; existence; lifetime (আ জীবন); duration of life (জীবন ফুরানো); a living or livelihood (চাষই তার জীবন); a person or thing as dear or valuable as (one's) life (ছেলেটি তার জীবন); water. জীবন দেওয়া v. to sacrifice or lay down one's life, to die for; to give life to. জীবন পাওয়া v. to come to life; to come back to life. জীবন যাওয়া, জীবন হারানো v. to lose one's life, to die. জীবন নেওয়া v. to take one's life, to kill. ~কথা, ~কাহিনি, ~চরিত n. biography. ~চরিতকার n. a biographer. ~জিজ্ঞাসা n. quest or inquiry into life's meaning. ~দর্শন n. philosophy of life. ~দান n. act of giving life to. জীবনদান করা same as জীবন দেওয়া । ~দায়ক a. life-giving, life-saving. ~ধারণ n. act of living; existence; act of leading one's life. জীবনধারণ করা v. to live; to exist; to lead one's life. ~নাশ n. destruction of life; death. জীবননাশ করা v. to destroy the life (of); to kill. জীবননাশ হওয়া v. to have one's life destroyed; to lose one's life; to die. ~প্রবাহ n. the cycle or flow of life. ~বল্লভ n. husband; a lover. ~বিমা n. life insurance, life assurance. জীবনবিমা করা v. to insure one's life. ~বিহীন same as ~শূন্য । ~বৃত্তান্ত n. biography. ~বেদ n. the view of life, philosophy of life, Weltans-chauung. ~ভোর, ~ভর adv. throughout one's life. ~মরণ n. life and death ☐ a. life-and-death (জীবনমরণ সমস্যা) ~যাত্রা n. livelihood. ~যাপন n. leading one's life; living. জীবনযাপন করা v. to lead one's life; to live. ~শূন্য a. lifeless; dead; inanimate. ~সংগ্রাম n. the stru-ggle for existence. ~সংশয় n. a critical or precarious condition. ~সঙ্গিনী n. a wife; a female life-companion. masc. ~সঙ্গী a male life-companion; a husband. ~সঞ্চার n. infusion of life, resuscitation. ~সর্বস্ব n. everything in or of one's life; all that one lives for. ~হীন same as ~শূন্য । ~স্মৃতি n. an autobiographical memoir.

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