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locative of চারদিক: চারদিক – four directions (+ এ = in all directions)
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
locative of চারদিক: চার3 [ cāra3 ] n & a. four. চার-আনা n. a fouth part, one-fourth, a quarter; four annas; a four anna piece. a. one-fourth (চার-আনা অংশ). চার-আনি n. a four-anna piece. ~ইয়ারি a. elicited out of the meeting of four friends. ~কোনা a. square; qudrangular. ~খানা n. four pieces or bits or units. গুণ a. four-times. ~চালা a. having a thatched roof consisting of four parts. ☐ n. a house having such a roof. ~চোখের মিলন the meeting of the eyes of two persons (usu. two lovers). ~চৌকো a. square. ~টা (coll.) ~টে a. four. ☐ n. four o'clock. ~টি a. four; a few or a little. ☐ n. four ~টিখানি a. a little. ~দিক n. four directions or sides or quarters; all directions or sides or quarters or places. ~পায়া, (dial. corrup.) ~পাই n. a kind of four-legged cot (usu. made of bamboo and coconutcoir). চার পায়ে on all fours. ~পেয়ে a. four-legged, four-footed, quadruped. ~পোয়া , (dial.) ~পো a. complete, full. ~ভিত same as চারদিক । ~সন্ধ্যা four evenings; four parts or points of the day, namely, the morning, the noon, the evening and the midnight. চার-হাত এক করা v. to get a couple married, to marry. চার হাতে পায়ে on all fours.

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