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ঘনঘন – frequently (কত ~ = how frequently)
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
ঘন [ ghana ] n cloud (ঘনঘটা); (arith. & alg.) a cube (ঘনফল); (geom.) a solid. ☐ a. dense (ঘন বন); thick, condensed (ঘন মেঘ, ঘন দুধ); frequent (ঘন ঘন গর্জন); deep (ঘন আঁধার); close (ঘন বৃক্ষসারি, ঘন বুনুনি); coarse (ঘন কাপড়); severe (ঘন বরষা); (geom. & sc.) solid (ঘন পদার্থ, ঘনক্ষেত্র). ঘন করা v. to thicken; to con dense. ঘন হওয়া v. to thicken; to be come condensed; to draw close together; to draw close (to). ~কাল n. the rainy season, the rains. ঘন কালো deep black. ~কৃষ্ণ a. as black or dark as a cloud; deep black, jet black. ~ক্ষেত্র n. (geom.) a solid figure, a cube. ~গর্জন n. the roar or rumbling of clouds; a peal of thunder. ~ঘটা n. a thick and extensive cumulation of (dark) clouds, the cumulus. ~ঘটাচ্ছন্ন a. overcast with clouds. ~ঘন adv. repeatedly and frequently, every now and then, often. ~ঘোর a. overcast with thick clouds; (loos.) darkened with clouds. ~জ্যামিতি n. solid geometry. ~তা, ~ত্ব n. density; thickness; closeness; solidity; (geom. & sc.) dimension, volume. ~ফল n. (math.) cubic measure. ~ফুট n. cubic foot. ~বর্ত্ম n. the path of the cloud across the sky; the sky. ~বসতি n. thick or dense cluster of habitations, thick population. ~বসতিপূর্ণ a. crowded with habitations; thickly populated, congested. ~বস্তু n. a solid thing; (phys.) a solid body. ~বিন্যস্ত a. thickly set. ~বিন্যাস n. thick setting. ~বীথি n. the region of clouds; air route. ~মান n. (phys.) volume. ~মিটার n. cubic metre. ~মূল n. (math.) a cube root. ~শ্যাম a. as black or dark as a cloud, deep black; dark-complexioned; bottle-green. ☐ n. an appellation of Krishna (কৃষ্ণ). ~সন্নিবিষ্ট same as ~বিন্যস্ত । ~সন্নিবেশ same as ~বিন্যাস । ~সার n. camphor.

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