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কর্ম [ karma ] n a work, an action, a deed, an activity; a duty, a task; use, service (এ ঘড়ি কোনো কর্মের নয়); ceremony, a rite (ক্রিয়াকর্ম, শ্রাদ্ধকর্ম); profession; function; a purpose (কোন কর্মে এসেছ); effect, good result (এতে কর্ম হবে না) (gr.) an object. ~কর্তা n. a supervisor or manager of an affair. ~কর্তৃবাচ্য n. (gr.) the quasi-passive voice. ~কাণ্ড n. a part of the Vedas dealing with rituals; actions; functions; ceremonies. ~কারক n. a doer, a worker, a performer; (gr.) the objective or accusative case. ~কারী a. of one who does or works or performs. ☐ n. a doer, a worker, a performer. ~কুণ্ঠ a. averse to work, unwilling to work, lazy. ~কুশল a. efficient, expert; adroit. ~ক্লান্ত a. tired with work, fatigued. ~ক্ষম a. capable of working; able; active. ~ক্ষমতা n. ability to work; working power. ~ক্ষেত্র n. a field or sphere of activity; a place of work. ~খালি n. situation vacant. ~চারী n. an employee; an officer. ~চ্যুত a. dis missed or removed from service; cashiered. ~চ্যুতি n. dismissal or removal from service; cashierment. ~জীবন n. the period of life during which a person works, active part of one's life; service life; practical life. ~জ্ঞ a. conversant with religious rites and duties. ~ a. active; hard-working; industrious. ~ণ্য a. capable of working; able; active; serviceable. ~ত্যাগ n. act of giving up a job, resignation; act of leaving or abandoing a work; retirement from service. কর্ম ত্যাগ করা v. to give up a job, to resign; (rare) to retire from service. ~দক্ষ a. efficient, expert; adroit. ~দোষ crime or sin of evil-doing or wrong-doing; a sin; misfortune (esp. which is caused by one's evil doing or wrong-doing in this life or in a previous life). ~ধারা n. same as কর্মপ্রণালী । ~নাশা a. & n. one who or that which spoils or bungles a work or works. ~নিয়োগ কেন্দ্র n. employment exchange. ~নিষ্ঠ a. devoted to one's work; dutiful; industrious. ~নিষ্ঠা n. devotion to work. ~নীতি n. policy of action. ~পঞ্জি, ~পঞ্জী n. a case-book. ~পথ n. path or field of work; line of action; active life. ~পদ্ধতি, ~প্রণালী n. method or system of working. ~পন্থা n. course of action. ~ফল n. consequences of one's actions (esp. of a previous life) that governs one's weal or woe. ~বশত adv. on business. ~বাচ্য n. (gr.) the passive voice. ~বাদ n. the doctrine that action is the chief end of life or that for the final liberation of one's soul one has to resort to action (and not to thought or meditation alone), the doctrine of action. ~বাদী a. preaching or obeying or inspired by the doctrine of action. ☐ n. one who preaches or obeys the doctrine of action. ~বিধি n. rules of action. ~বিপাক n. consequences (now usu. evil ones) of one's action (esp. those governing one's weal or woe). ~বীর n. an untiring worker; an uncommonly active person; a performer of great deeds; a great worker. ~ভূমি n. the scene or field of one's action; the earthly life. ~ভোগ n. enjoyment of pleasures or (more generally) suffering from the unpleasant con sequences of one's actions; fruitless suffering or labour. ~ময় a. full of actions; extremely active. ~যোগ n. the system of purifying one's soul by means of action. ~যোগী a. & n. one who practises this system; (fig.) one who works most sincerely; one who works sincerely and relentlessly. ~রত a. engaged in work. ~শালা n. a workshop; a smithy; an atelier; a studio; a place of work or business. ~শীল a. possessing active habits; engaged in work; active; devoted to work. ~শীলতা n. active habits; engagement in work; fullness of activity; devotion to work. ~সচিব n. a (chief) executive officer; a secretary. ~সাক্ষী n. any of the natural elements who witness all actions; a witness of an act. ~সাধন n. execution of a work or task, performance or accomplishment of a deed. কর্ম সাধন করা v. to execute a work or task, to perform or accomplish a deed. ~সাপেক্ষ a. depending on work or action. ~সিদ্ধি n. success in or accomplishment of an undertaking. ~সূচি n. programme of work; programme to be undertaken. ~সূত্র a. the bond of action; the course of business. ~সূত্রে adv. on business or in course of business. ~স্থল, ~স্থান same as কর্মক্ষেত্র । যেমন কর্ম তেমন ফল as you brew so you drink, as you sow so you reap. ~হীন a. devoid of work; with no work on hand; without employment.

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