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কবিতা – poem
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
কবি [ kabi ] n a poet; a scholar; a philosopher; a kind of song-tournament, this song (cp. strophe and antistrophe), its composer or singer. ~ওয়ালা n. a composer of songs for a song-tournament; a singer of these songs; the leader of a party competing in a song-tournament. ~কল্পনা n. a visionary thing; fanciful imagination; a baseless and unreal conception; (rare) poetic imagination. ~কল্পিত a. visionary; fanciful; baseless and unreal; imagined or invented by a poet. ~গান n. a kind of song-tournament or duel; a song for this tournament. ~গুরু n. the first poet; the chief of poets. ~জনোচিত a. befitting a poet, poetical. কবির লড়াই a kind of song-tournament; a contest of poets. কবিতা n. a poem; a verse; a couplet; poetry. কবিত্ব n. poetical imagination or talent, poetry; poetic quality. কবিত্বপূর্ণ, কবিত্বময় a. full of poetry; full of poetic quality; endowed with a talent for composing poems. কবিত্ব শক্তি n. poetical talent or genius. ~প্রসিদ্ধি n. any imaginative description of nature originally made by a poet and afterwards repeated by other poets, a poetical convention. ~বর n. a great poet, a master poet. কবি সম্মেলন n. an assembly or conference of poets. কবীশ n. the chief among poets.
Samsad Bangla Abhidhan
কবিতা [ kabitā ] বি. 1 ছন্দোবদ্ধ রচনা; পদ্য; কাব্য; 2 শ্লোক। [সং. কবি + তা]।

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