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এইতো [derivation: এই + তো]
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
এই [ ēi ] a this. ☐ pro. this, it. ☐ int. expressing: a vocative sound (এই ছেলে শোন্); displeasure, fear, wonder etc. (এই গেল যা, এই মরল, এই রে). ☐ adv. just (এই এখনি), just this (এই কেবল). এই অজুহাতে on this plea or pretext or excuse or ruse. এই কতক্ষণ just a little while ago. এই কারণে, ~জন্য for this reason, on account of this. ~ক্ষণে adv. this instant, now, this very moment. এই প্রকারে in this manner, in this way, thus. এই বেলা now that there is time, while this opportunity lasts, meanwhile. এই মর্মে to this effect. এই কেবল, ~তো, ~মাত্র this much; just this; just now. ~বার adv. this time; now; on this occasion. ~রূপ a. suchlike, similar; such. ~রূপে adv. in this way or manner, in the fashion, thus. এই হেতু same as এই কারণে ।

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