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অনধিকারচর্চা – meddling (+ করা = to meddle)
Samsad Bengali-English Dictionary
অনধিকার [ anadhikāra ] n absence of right or claim or possession. ☐ a. unrightful; without authority or claim or possession; ultra vires, unwarranted. ~চর্চা n. unauthorized interference, meddling; officiousness; interference without competence or qualification. অনধিকারচর্চা করা v. to interfere without authority, to meddle, to butt in, to thrust one's nose in; to act officiously; to interfere without competence or qualification. ~প্রবেশ n. trespass, intrusion. অনধিকারপ্রবেশ করা v. to trespass, to intrude, to encroach; to transgress, to infringe. অনধিকারী a. without any right or claim or authority or competence; having no right or claim; unrightful; unauthorized; in competent; not entitled; ineligible.

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