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একদিন – one day
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এক [ ēka ] a. & n one. ☐ n. & pro. one or single person or individual (দেশোদ্ধার একের কাজ নয়). □ a. only one; a certain (একসময়); completely full or filled or packed or covered (একবাড়ি লোক, একমুখ দাড়ি); same, one and the same (এক মায়ের সন্তান); united ('যত ভাই বোন এক হউক '); amalgamated; joined (দুই হাত এক করা); mixed (চালেডালে এক করা); one and only one (ঈশ্বর এক ও অভিন্ন); one of a number, a (রবীন্দ্রনাথ বিশ্বের এক শ্রেষ্ঠ কবি); unchanging, fixed (সেই এক গোঁ, ভদ্রলোকের এক কথা); concentrated ((একমনে). ~আধ a. a few; sparse; scanty; rare. এক আঁচড়ে see আঁচড় । একই a. same; very same, one and the same. এক-এক a. some, one by one (এক-এক করে), certain (এক-এক দিন). একক a. alone, unaccompanied. ☐ n. the first figure from the right of an arithmetical number; (math.) a unit. এককড়া see কড়া। ~কণা n. very little, a very small amount. ~কথায় in a word. ~কলমী n. a columnist who writes only one column of a newspaper. ~কাটা, ~কাট্টা pop. var. of একাট্টা । ~কালীন a. done or to be done only once, given or to be given only once, at a time; simultaneous; contemporary. এককালীন অনুদান a lump grant, non-recurring grant. ~কালে adv. at one time, once upon a time; at one and the same time, simultaneously. ~কাঁড়ি a. a lot of, a heap of. ~কেন্দ্রিক, ~কেন্দ্রী, ~কেন্দ্রীয় a. concentric. ~গঙ্গা a. filled or full to the brim, full, replete (একগঙ্গা জল). ~গর্ভপত্রী n. monocarpellary. ~গলা a. up to the throat or chin. ~-গা a. covering the whole of the body (এক-গা গয়না, এক-গা খোস). ~গাদা a. a heap of; a great number or collection of (একগাদা লোক). ~গাল a. a mouthful of. ☐ n. a mouthful. ~গুঁয়ে a. obstinate, obdurate, stubborn; wilful, wayward; disobedient, indocile; indomitable. ~গুঁয়েমি n. obstinacy; wilfulness, waywardness; disobedience, indocility, stubbornness, indomitableness. ~ঘরে a. ostracized; cast out of society. একঘরে ব্যক্তি an out cast. ~ঘাত a. linear. ~ঘাত সমীকরণ a linear equation. ~ঘেয়ে a. monotonous; hackneyed. ~ঘেয়েমি n. monotony; hackneyedness. ~চত্বারিংশ a. forty-first. ~চত্বারিংশৎ a. & n. forty-one. ~চত্বারিংশত্তম a. forty-first. fem. ~চত্বারিংশত্তমী । ~চর a. moving alone (cp. segregarious); shunning company. ~চল্লিশ a. & n. forty-one. ~চালা a. having only one slanting roof. ☐ n. such a hut or shed. ~চিত্ত a. absorbedly attentive, intent, concentrated. ~চুল a. hairbreadth, very slight, negligible (একচুল ব্যবধান), ☐ adv. in the least. ~চেটিয়া (coll.) ~চেটে a. monopolistic. একচেটিয়া অধিকার monopoly. ~চোখো a. one-eyed, single-eyed; looking in one direction only; partial; prejudiced, biased; preferential. ~চোখোমি n. partiality; prejudice; bias; preferential treatment. ~চোট adv. enough or too much at a stroke or at one time. ~চোটে adv. without break or respite (একচোটে বলা বা করা); with one stroke or attempt (একচোটে জিতে নেওয়া); simultaneously (একচোটে সবাইকে বকা). ~চ্ছত্র a. paramount, sovereign; brought under one rule ('একচ্ছত্র করিবে ধরণী'). ~ছুটে adv. at a single run. ~জাই adv. repeatedly, over and over again, incessantly, continuously, with out stop (একজাই বলা). ☐ a. united; assembled, collected. ☐ n. sum total (বাৎসরিক আয়ব্যয়ের একজাই). একজাই করা v. to unite; to assemble, to collect. ~জিদ্দি a. same as একগুঁয়ে । ~জোট a. united; assembled. ~জোটে adv. in a body, in concert, unitedly. ~জ্বরি n. re mittent fever. ☐ a. suffering from re mittent fever. ~টা, ~টি a. one; only one, not more than one; one particular (একটা পরামর্শ আছে) ☐ n. pro. any one (একটা হলেই হল). একটা-কিছু, একটা-কোনো a. existent but not known or determinate, some (একটা-কিছু খুঁত আছে). ☐ pro. & n. something (একটা-কিছু চাই). একটা দুটো a. only a few, of a negligible number. ~টানা a. pointed or moving in one direction only; continually onward; continuous, continual; incessant, non stop (একটানা বৃষ্টি); monotonous. ☐ adv. in one direction only; continually onward; continuously; continually; incessantly, without break; monotonously. একটি মাত্র a. only one; one and one only. ~টু, ~টুকু a. & adv. only a little; just a little; a little. একটু একটু করে adv. little by little, bit by bit; slowly but gradually. ~টেরে a. curved a little; leaning to one side, slanting; (of judgment etc.) one-sided, partial, ex parte. ☐ a. & adv. lying apart; keeping aloof. ~তন্ত্রী a. (of musical instruments) one stringed; unanimous; under one and the same rule. ☐ n. a one-stringed musical instrument, a monochord. ~তম a. (super.) one of or amongst more than two. ~তর a. (compar.) one of two, either. ~তরফা a. ex parte; partial; one sided. ~তলা n. the ground floor (of a building or a multi-decked vehicle). ☐ a. one-storeyed; one-decked, single decked. একতলা গাড়ি a single decker. ~তলীয় a. coplanar. ~তান n. a harmonious note; harmony; concert. ☐ a. harmonious; concerted; closely attentive, concentrated. ~তানমনা a. closely attentive, rapt in attention; intent. ~তারা n. a variety of monochord (chiefly used by the Vaishnaya singers). ~তালা1 var. of একতলা । ~তালা2 ~তাল n. an Indian musical measure. ~তিল see তিল । ~ত্রিংশ a. thirty-first. ~ত্রিংশৎ a & n. thirty-one. ~ত্রিংশত্তম a. thirty-first. fem. ~ত্রিংশত্তমী । ~ত্রিশ a. & n. thirty-one. ~দন্ত a. having but one tooth, one-toothed, single toothed. ~দম adv. at all; in the least; completely, thoroughly, utterly. ~দমে adv. in one breath; without stop. ~দল a. monocotyledonous. ~দিন adv. one day, someday; one day or other (একদিন না একদিন); once, once upon a time; at one time in the past; in the past. ☐ n. a glorious time or period (esp. one that has passed away). একদিন অন্তর একদিন every other day, every alternate day. ~দৃষ্টি, (poet.) ~দিঠি a. looking fixedly, gazing. ~দৃষ্টে adv. with a fixed look, gazingly. ~দেশ n. a part or portion or division (esp. of a country); a region. ~দেশদর্শিতা n. act of viewing partially; partiality; narrow-mindedness, illiber ality; bias; prejudice; want of fore sight. ~দেশদর্শী a. viewing partially; partial; narrow-minded, illiberal; biased; prejudiced; lacking in foresight. ~দেশীয় a. of or living in the same country. ~দৌড়ে adv. at a run. ~ধাতুমান n. (econ.) monometallism. ~নবতি a. & n. ninety-one. ~নবতিতম a. ninety-first. fem. ~নবতিতমী ।~নলা, ~নলি a. (chiefly of a gun) single-barrelled, one barrelled. ~নাগাড়ে adv. at a stretch, continuously. নায়ক n. (pol.) an autoc crat or a dictator. ~নায়কতন্ত্র n. autocracy or dictatorship. ~নায়কতান্ত্রিক a. autocratic or dictatorial. ~নিষ্ঠ a. devoted to or engaged in only one thing, single minded or single-acting; absorbedly attentive, intent. fem. ~নিষ্ঠা । ~নিষ্ঠতা n. devotion to or engagement in only one thing, single-mindedness. এক পক্ষে adv. viewing from one angle; in a way; somewhat. ~পঞ্চাশ, ~পঞ্চাশৎ a. & n. fifty-one. ~পঞ্চাশত্তম a. fifty-first. fem. একপঞ্চাশত্তমী । একপত্নীক a. mas. having one wife (at a time), monogamous. ~পদীকরণ n. (gr.) unification of several words into a compound word, formation of a compound word. ~পাটি n. one of a pair; one set of (teeth). ~পাদ n. a fourth part, a quarter. ☐ a. one-fourth. ~পার্শ্বিক, ~পার্শ্বীয় a. one-sided; partial; (bot.) unilateral. ~পেট n. a bellyful, one's fill. ☐ a. bellyful of. ☐ adv. to one's fill. ~পেশে a. leaning or stooping to one side; aslant; one-sided; partial. ~প্রকার adv. of a sort, in a way, some what. ☐ a. of a type; of some sort or other. ~প্রতিসম a. zygomorphic. ~প্রস্থ a. severe; sufficient, of considerable amount. ~প্রাণ a. inseparably united. ~বংশীয়, ~বংশোদ্ভব a. descended from the same ancestor, consanguine, con sanguineous. একবগ্গা coll. corrup. of একবর্গা । ~বচন see বচন ।~বর্গা a. obstinate; stubborn, dogged. ~বয়সী a. of the same age. ~বর্ণ see বর্ণ । ~বস্ত্র a. wearing only a single piece of cloth. ~বস্ত্রে adv. wearing only a single piece of cloth and taking nothing along. ~বাক্যে adv. with one voice; with one accord, unanimously. ~বার n. one time. ☐ adv. at one time; once. একবারে adv. at a time; at a stroke; thoroughly. ~বাস same as একবস্ত্র । ~বিংশ a. twenty-first. ~বিংশতি a. & n. twenty-one. ~বিংশতিতম a. twenty-first. fem. ~বিংশতিতমী । ~বীজপত্রী a. (bot.) monocotyledonous. ~বুক a. chest-high; breast-deep. ~ভাব n. uniformity of state or quality or dis position. ~ভাবাপন্ন a. uniform in state or quality or disposition; of one mind. ~ভাবে adv. uniformly; in the same way; without change, unchangingly. ~ভিতে adv. in one direction; to one side; apart. ~মত, ~মতাবলম্বী a. holding the same opinion; agreed; unanimous; holding the same religious faith. ~মনা a. absorbed; single-minded. ~মনে with rapt attention; single-mindedly. ~মাতৃক a. born of one and the same mother, uterine. ~মাত্র a. only ~মাত্রা n. one dose; one musical or metrical syllable. ~মুখীকরণ n. (phys.) rectification. ~মুখো a. having one direction, one way. ~মুষ্টি a. a handful of. ~মেটে, ~মেটিয়া a. (esp. of a mould or cast or an idol) primed; rough-cast; (fig.) rough-wrought. একমেটে করা v. to prime; to rough-cast; (fig.) to do in a preliminary manner, to rough out. ~যোগে adv. in a body; unit edly. ~রকম a. of the same kind, type, nature, appearance etc.; same; similar. ☐ adv. in a way, of a sort, somewhat, moderately; on the whole, somehow. ~রতি, ~রত্তি a. (lit.) amounting to a rati (রতি1) or .121 grams or 1.875 grains; only a little, a bit of; very small, tiny. ~রব, ~রা n. one voice. ~রূপ same as একরকম । ~রেখীয় a. (geom.) collinear. ~রোখা a. obstinate; self-willed, wilful; hot-tempered, quick-tempered, irascible; having designs on one side only (একরোখা চাদর). ~লহমা n. an instant, a moment; jiffy. ~লহমায় adv. in an instant, in a moment, in a jiffy. ~লিঙ্গ n. Shiva (শিব). ☐ a. unisexual; (bot.) declinous. ~লিঙ্গতা n. unisexuality; (bot.) declinism. ~শিরা n. hydrocele; orchitis. ~শিরাল a. unicostate. ~শিলা a. monolithic. ~শেষ n. excessiveness, overmuchness; (gr.) a system of forming compound words in which only one word is chosen from amongst a group and is modified to represent the whole group. কষ্টের একশেষ trouble beyond measure. নাকালের একশেষ harassed beyond measure. ~ষট্টি, ~ষষ্টি a. & n. sixty-one. ~ষষ্টিতম a. sixty-first, fem. একষষ্টিতমী । ~সঙ্গে a. in a body, all together; at the same time, simultaneously. ~সপ্ততি a. & n. seventy-one. ~সপ্ততিতম a. seventy-first. fem. একসপ্ততিতমী । ~সূত্রে adv. in one string. ~স্থানে adv. in or at the same place; in a certain place, somewhere. ~হাঁটু a. knee-deep. ~হাত a. measuring one cubit. ☐ adv. enough for one time. একহাত নেওয়া v. to pay one out or back, to retaliate; to teach one a lesson. ~হারা a. slim; of a delicate structure.

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