Anandabazar Patrika Helper

Note: Anandabazar has changed their server configuration in such a way that the Helper no longer works as well as it once did. Images no longer appear in the articles. I'm probably going to have to retire the Helper because working around these problems is too difficult. I recommend that you try the Bangla-Tangla Chrome Extension, which does the same job for any web site.

When I'm reading in Bangla I have to look up a lot of words. So I wrote a program to make life a little easier. Using my system you can read Anandabazar and hover the mouse over any word to see the definition. Unfortunately, of the tens of thousands of words that may come up, the system's dictionary only contains a few thousand so far. If the word is unknown then a question mark is displayed. I'm slowly expanding the dictionary. But you can also click on the word to look it up in my dictionary as well as the two Samsad dictionaries.

Here is a screenshot of the mouse hovering over the word অযোগ্য and the definition "unworthy" being shown:

Anandabazar Screenshot

A few notes about the system: